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Oakes' Pocket Guides

The same quality pocket guides that have been #1 for 30 years, but now in electronic format that makes carrying every single one of them as easy as carrying your smartphone.


ACCS Exam Preparation

The best way to prepare for the ACCS exam.  No teaching from the test, this material is clinically relevant.  Practice exams with detailed explanations.  More. 

Oh, and all written by ACCS-certified therapists. 



$34.99 for the year.  That's less than $3 a month.  Over 2,000 pages of content including books not even in print yet, the ACCS exam preparation, and resources. Besides, it's tax deductible.  


No Hassles 

There's no auto-renewal with your membership, meaning if you find the need to cancel, just ignore the friendly reminders and it will cancel on its own.  Of course most of our members log in too much to possibly consider canceling. 



The ultimate tutor package for everything from support in clinicals to NBRC exam preparation

Having trouble with pharmacology?  Our tables make it easy.  Mechanical Vent class perhaps the hardest thing you've done in your life?  We have tons of ventilator information ranging from understanding modes up through graphics.  


Clinical Expertise 

Utilized by therapists, clinicians, residents, and more around the world, this is the perfect bedside companion.

Whether new or seasoned.  Need to brush up on managing APRV?  You'll find detailed information here.  Got questions about respiratory therapies like IPV?  All here.