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FULL ACCESS All 8 Oakes' Books in Digital Editions, Expanded Format
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FULL ACCESS Hundreds of Unbelievable Resources
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FULL ACCESS Adult Critical Care Specialist Exam Preparation
(Includes Extensive Study Matrix, Practice Exams with Detailed Explanations, etc.)
FULL ACCESS  Expert-Moderated Discussion Forums
(25+ Expert Moderators, Topics ranging from APRV to Neonatal/Pediatric Hot Topics)
ONLY ONLINE HFOV and APRV initiation, management, troubleshooting, and weaning - all evidence-based!
ONLY ONLINE Oakes' Home Care Pocket Guide 


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8 Oakes' Books - (Printed Editions)  $185*
Adult Critical Care Specialist Exam Preparation  > $30**   
Total > $210

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* Based upon purchase of all individual Oakes' Pocket Guides at full purchase Price 

** Based upon purchase of 1 Self Assessment Exam (SAE) from the NBRC
with only one full-length exam available (and can only be taken once) for $30