Air Entrainment Venturi Mask

Air entrainment mask Venturi is used for dosed patient oxygen therapy. The mask is designed taking into account the smallest anatomical features of a person. The edges of the mask are rounded and atraumatic due to the metal nose clip. The mask is securely fixed on the patient. The elastic tape, which is fixed on the hindhead, securely and conveniently fixes the mask on the patient’s face.Air Entrainment Venturi Mask

The set together with this Venturi mask contains removable valves (six pieces). They serve to regulate the concentration of oxygen supply. For the quickest visual identification of the valve, color coding is applied. Each color has its own concentration of oxygen supply:

  • 50% – green;
  • 40% – red;
  • 35% – yellow;
  • 31% is orange;
  • 28% – white;
  • 24% is blue.

There is also a transparent PVC tube. It connects the mask to an oxygen concentrator. The length of the PVC tube is 200 cm. At the ends of the tube, 2 reinforced connectors are located.

Each mask has an individual package. It is a fully sterile device. The device is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas. The sterility period is 5 years. The mask is made of medical polyvinyl chloride. This material is transparent. It allows every patient to visually observe the breathing process.

Specific features of the Venturi mask are:

  • It is not included latex in the composition. It reduces the risk of allergic reactions. The rounded lateral edges ensure non-invasiveness. It also equipped with a plate for a comfortable fix of the mask on the face.
  • The mask is made of transparent material, due to which constant monitoring of the patient’s condition is guaranteed.
  • Extra perforations on each side of the mask.
  • Stretch tape to fix the mask on the head.
  • The kit includes a transparent oxygen line that is resistant to bending, equipped with two standard female connectors for binding the mask to an oxygen source.
  • Venturi mask with two connection ports (4 and 6 L), with oxygen flow regulator ranging from 24 to 60%.
  • The valve is connected to the mask using a corrugated tube.
  • Optional plastic adapter for connection to the breathing process. It is intended for single-use only.

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