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What is Oxygen Therapy?

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Oxygen therapy is the use of oxygen (O2) as a medical treatment. This is one of the most important, life-saving methods of treatment for threatening and serious conditions. Like any medicine, O2 requires the correct dosage, clear indications for a prescription. O2 delivery methods are important. Inadequate dosing of O2 and lack of monitoring of oxygen therapy…

PFT: Lung Volumes – Oakes Academy

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*These are typical values for a young male at sea level. Height 165 cm. Weight 64 kg. Body Surface Area 1.7 m2. Oakes Academy (a division of Health Educator …

WOB Increase – Oakes Academy

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Causes. Signs & Symptoms. Patient. Machine. Patient. Machine. ↓ CL (various) High inspiratory flow demand (various) ↑ Raw (various). Inadequate VI