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Oakes Book Content


Thousands of Pages of Content direct from Oakes’ Pocket Guides, with hundreds of Evidence-Based Guidelines, Illustrations, Summarized AARC CPG’s and Much, More! See a Summary
Oakes’ Clinical Practitioner’s Pocket Guide


#1 for Over 25 Years Now.

Includes Everything from Pharmacology to Respiratory Procedures, EKG’s to Equations to Diseases

See the Table of Contents
Vent Book Small Oakes’ Ventilator Management


An Outstanding Resource for ANYONE working with ventilators.

Includes extensive information on Modes, Management Algorithms, Troubleshooting, Graphic Interpretation, and more.

See the Table of Contents
ABG PG Small Oakes’ ABG Pocket Guide Think you already know ABG’s?

Prove it!  Try taking our test. This book is a thorough resource on what every critical care professional MUST know about interpreting and managing ABG’s

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Oakes’ ABG Instructional Guide

(Now Available!)

Walks you, step-by-step, through the Steps of Interpretation, including double and triple disorders. Includes Clinical Scenarios and detailed explanations to all problems.
Neonatal Small Oakes’ Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care


The Clinical Standard in Respiratory Medicine for Neonates and Pediatrics.

Includes sections on Ventilator Management, extensive Disease Information, and more.  This title is equally as useful for long-term therapists as it is students and those working in facilities with minimal exposure to neo/peds.

Table of Contents
Oakes’ Hemodynamic Monitoring

(Now Available!)

The Gold Standard for bedside Hemodynamic Monitoring.

Includes Arterial Lines, Central Venous Lines, and Much More. Don’t feel intimidated by Hemodynamics any longer! Used by Therapists (and Nurses!) worldwide.

Table of Contents
Resources You can go to lots of places on the web and find resources, or just Google up a list.  But Here, you’ll find the best links categorized for you, hand-chosen by our panel of experts.


Don’t waste time looking for information.  Each Table of Contents has “Resource” links clearly marked.

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Forums An Expert-Moderated Discussion.

That’s right – we have a panel of experts who are ready to participate in clinical discussions of issues effecting all of us.

Students This entire site is perfect for students (first year and beyond!).  Not only do you get the Oakes’ Pocket Guides online (contains all you need to conquer school!), but we’re busy building a special portal just for you . . .