Frequently Asked Questions

We have organized some of the most popular questions we receive. 

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How do I join?

We have made the difficult decision to stop updating   Nearly 10 years ago we had a vision to develop a comprehensive online resource for Respiratory Therapists and beyond, perhaps even doing away with our traditional paper books as a new era dawned.  It has become apparent, however, that RTs of older and younger ages still prefer paper and ink.  In order to keep our focus strong we need to keep our time focused in specific areas, and thus have decided that effective 12/31/2016 the site will be closed.  We are not accepting new subscriptions, and not renewing current ones.  If you have any questions just email


How do I cancel?

Most people have a non-renewing membership.  This means that at the end of the paid year the membership will only renew if you log in and tell us you want to stay.  If you choose to cancel, the easiest thing to do is just to let your membership expire at the end of the year (ignore those friendly reminders you’ll be receiving from us).

Now if you happen to have a renewing membership (ahem:  Books-for-Life customers!), and you want to cancel your membership, we just want to ensure that you know that once you cancel you will no longer be eligible for the special pricing (no matter how much you might later beg).  But if you still choose to do so, simply go into your Account (go here) and change your status (way down on the bottom of the form) to Cancel Account.  That’s it.


Are there real people I can talk to if I need to?

Yes, luckily there are real people available for you.  Here’s the best ways to contact us:


Telephone:  919.243.1299

Address:  Health Educator Publications, Inc.
476 Shotwell Rd Ste 102, PMB 161
Clayton, NC  27527